Presence Is The Key by Scarlet Anima with Lyrics

Presence Is The Key, by Scarlet Anima, 2020. Lyrics below.

Subtract a nervous disposition

Be still and confront the demon

Mon dieu give me strength 

To rise above the wrench

I’d rather sit on a bench

And contemplate the vicious stench

Of an ego a million years old

I will no longer be sold 

Like a black slave

Observe but no longer identify with the knave

Here it comes, thought, feelings, body

The truth is I am nobody

Simply life 

Flowing as me with no strife

Delight in a light that glows even at night

As tight as a sight with no spite

Lift and elevate to a state of no state 

Beyond notions of experience, I have no fate

Placate the wounds that dwell deep in the flesh

Liberate the energy trapped in the mesh

Spin the sin 

Reclaim the sanskrit

You missed the mark

Reclaim your grit

Nothing is wrong

You simply went astray

Lay down and reclaim your way

Drop guilt

Full of ideas that society built

We are innocent 

Even amidst the indecent 

Disbelieve in the descent

Hell is simply the serpent

Disbelieve in the descent

Hell is simply the serpent

A thought that we believe

Knowledge up our sleeve 

Let it go so we can truly know

The ego is not an enemy

Presence is the key 

for humanity to be free

For you to be me

Presence is the key 

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  1. Mesmerising😊


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