Over The Paths

If the social world is a stage then perhaps the threshold between reality and the inauthentic is the curtain. How do we negotiate this sharp edge between the rules of the societal ‘play’ and the needs of the body, mind and spirit. How do we stay healthy when authentic human emotion is not always “acceptable” by the rules of the stage. 

Perhaps through meditation and self inquiry there is a chance of breaking through social decorum and the ‘play’ so as to truly exist with earnestness, like dogs playing in a park. A kind of freedom from the ‘act’ in the present moment. Free from the ego and the superego’s surveillance, that parental, teacher, authoritarian part of our psyche. 

Perhaps Over The Paths questions the stories that we tell ourselves, the stories of the ‘play’, and asks, “when are we real?” and “what is”?

With Ken Osborn.

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