Over To You

Jaqueline Dupre’s movements are a kind of human animality, but in its highest form of intelligence. Like the expression of thought or more to the point, pre-thought. 

Perhaps this is why she was so heavily criticised and judged as a performer by the establishment. 

The entire body has an immense intelligence yet society, the establishment it seems is obsessed with only one portion of it, the brain, and its ideas and ideals. Dupre was a natural and far surpassed the establishments ideas of what it was to be a performer. 

In this video there is a question asked, which is can you take all of me, the entirety of ones being or are we limited to the judgement of the so called qualified, the professionals. 

This authority in my mind is a hindrance if we do not take it lightly. 

For we are formed out of knowledge and authority but is this acquisition something we should take so seriously? 

Most of us it seems are so identified with this narrative that we can’t give way for something greater, vastly more intelligent, which in my mind is the intelligence of life itself, it’s movement. 

Great athletes become vessels for this intelligence often claiming they weren’t there in the event. 

The Taoists called this the Tao. 

So can we abandon ourselves to this higher intelligence or are we doomed to be the shadows of our authoritarian and judgemental acquisitions?

With Ekua McMorris.
Lighting on Ekua: George Duck.
Appropriated images for artistic, creative purposes only.

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