My Story

My Story. 2021. Lyrics Below.

I was born on the 31st of January

Bliss of being was my sanctuary

Had Yet to become a member

Of a society yet to prosper

I Sheepishly gave my allegiance when i was a toddler

And so i entered the illusionary realm of the other

A divided self among others

Conflicted inside looking for brothers

The game was afoot

Chasing cerebral soot

Almost oblivious to a lost paradise

For which i didn’t yet know the price

Yet something never felt correct

Covered in the background like a tiny insect

And as i grew so did the discomfort

Pursuing ever expanding ghosts and more soot

Until i hit 30 

And so did my unhappiness hit me

This is when i abandoned all and took up a quest for the answer

Little did i know that via this route the little insect was growing bigger

Overturning spiritual and quantum literature

Like there was no tomorrow

Losing friends and money for this new obsession which was on full burner

And then one day after meditating

I realised i’d been in a bubble striving and striving

It burst and so did my rapture

I danced ecstatically for i had been freed from minds capture

My conceptual prison collapsed and my eyes opened forever

But the journey had just begun and Clouds came back to hover

What i didn’t realise was that what was crumbling was my persona

To keep this freedom was a challenge like no other

Then One day i found that i was eternity

William Blake’s words came back to me

And i understood with all my being his sagacity

But still there was brewing in my personality

Finally i woke up one day in a mental hospital

And realised clearly i had to let go of all

And so this is my story as real as that can be

And it is also yours for i am you and you are me

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